For heavily used spaces, a fast passage without delay is very important. High efficiency in the production area and internal transport is very important.

Therefore, a reliable door is essential. Our doors are designed according to all these wishes!

We offer you the answer to:

  • Energy saving;
  • Sickness savings;
  • Climate control;
  • Draft;
  • Reduce operational costs.
max. clearwidth 5000 mm
max. clearheight 5000 mm
max. day opening surface 25 m²
Wind load class 3
Side space at the columns 120 mm
Side space at the drive (*with cover) + 160 mm
Headroom 250 / 350 mm
Headroom engine cover 700 mm

Composition, structure
The SRD 5000 consists of two columns with a flexible door leaf in between, which is rolled up on a roller above the door opening. The door leaf consists of horizontal sections with built-in reinforcement profiles and a transparent sight section at eye level. At the bottom of the door leaf is a flexible oder beam .. The door leaf is rolled up electrically driven. The door has a standard tensioning system for the door leaf by means of springs.

The columns consist of a galvanized steel construction surrounded by galvanized steel cover caps, which can be disassembled for installation and maintenance. The door leaf is made of 900 gram or 1400 gram thick plastic cloth with a nylon insert and a transparent plastic sight section. The horizontal roller is made of steel. The zipper guided in a polyethylene profile.

The door leaf is available in the colors blue (standard), yellow, red or gray, including transparent viewing section.

The door is driven by an electric motor with gear unit and with door weight> 20 kg with built-in roll-off protection. The roller is directly driven. Drive side either right (standard) or left.

Technical data of electric motors
Mains voltage 230V, PE / 50Hz / 0.85 Kw
3 pole 16A CEE plug at 0.7 meters
Power protection degree IP65


  • The door can always be opened manually in the event of a power failure;
  • The drive has a built-in roll-off protection> 20 kg;
  • Standard light bar 2500 mm high.

Structural facilities and connection

  • A flat mounting frame and the required installation space must be available for mounting and mounting an SRD 5000r exact installation dimensions are provided by Next Door Systems;
  • Within a radius of 500 mm from the control to be placed, there must be a CEE form wall socket, installed by third parties;
  • the control box is installed at a height of approx. 1500 mm from the floor on the drive side as standard with the standard CEE plug, the control complies with IP54.

Test cycles
1,000,000, tested according to EN 12604

Control / operation
The operating system has 3 buttons (Up-Stop-Down) and controls a multitude of functions, such as:

  • adjustable open time or “dead man’s operation”
  • 7-segment display for checking various functions
  • half height stop (for people or goods passage)
  • choice of permanently open or closed
  • service and operating mode

Many other operating modes can be connected to the standard controller, such as:

  • push buttons, electronic code panel, pull switch, key switch, photocell, radar, induction loop detection
    or (multi-channel) remote control

Control and operation

  • all controls that can be connected to the control are available at an additional cost
  • stepless speed regulation using frequency control for opening and closing the door
  • control directly wired (control IP65)
  • main switch wired directly to the control box (IP65)
  • lock control in combination with another door
  • heating tape
  • radar
  • connection of traffic lights (red / green or red and green)
  • pre-warning flashlight (orange or red)

Sendzimir galvanized steel cap over the roller and / or the drive
steel covers around the columns and around the roller / drive available in a RAL color of your choice

Ask for the possibilities or request a quote immediately.